About Outloud Conference

The vision of Outloud Conference is to equip you in deep worship. Whether your a pastor, leader, or just want to learn more about worship, this conference is for you! Each church is unique, and Outloud Conference is a place where we can all learn more about stewarding a move of God in our lives and ministries. There are 3 tenets the Outloud Conference is based on:


We’ve enlisted the help of some people that will lend their expertise to your needs. You won't find any pseudo-rockstars and standoff-ish speakers at Outloud Conference. These folks all have proven track records both in their local churches and itinerant ministry. They are truly from the church and for the church.


We could all use “more God” in our worship gatherings. None of us are against programs, so you won’t hear any baby-out-with-the-bathwater rhetoric here. But what we are after is a shift from running a church service to hosting God’s presence. We’ll talk about this during our teaching sessions, but most importantly we’ll do it together when we worship.


Conferences are often heavy on information but light on impartation. Outloud Conference is a time where God’s people can receive more than great teaching. We want to pray for new strength, anointing, and vision to come upon your life and ministry. And we’re all going to ask our good heavenly Father to make His church glorious through each of us.